Friday, 16 February 2018

Week 3, Term 1, 2018

Principal's News from Jenny Hawkins
Ash Wednesday and Lent
The whole school attended mass on Wednesday to receive the ashes and recognise the start of forty days of the season of Lent. It is a time for prayer and reflection and one of the most important periods in the Christian calendar. Ash Wednesday follows Shrove Tuesday. Thanks to the wonderful parents who made pancakes for the children on Tuesday (including the gluten free ones too!).


Let everything I do this day and in this season of Lent 

come from you, be inspired by you.

Connection Event
Thank you to all of you who attended and supported our first major school event for the year. It showed that we need to invest in some extra hall chairs as there was standing room only ! Here is the link to information about this event including videos from parents and staff as they share more ideas for the school masterplan.
A special thank you to our Year 6 leaders who volunteered to help set up the hall, share a welcome prayer and show parents to classrooms during the Connection Event.
Lana, Amelia, Mackenzie, Charlotte
Parent / Teacher meetings Thursday 22nd February (school finishes at 1pm)
The first parent/teacher meetings for the year support our goal to build strong partnerships with parents as we gain a deeper understanding about your children. These meetings will provide an opportunity for parents to share valuable insights about their children with teachers. Parents are required to complete the blue page attached to the interview information and bring it to the interview to share with the teacher. This gives you a chance to share your child's strengths, special abilities, hobbies, highlights from 2017, hopes for 2018 and any challenges (extra forms are available at the office).

To book an interview, go to and enter the code ggu6d

PSG's (Program Support Group) meetings are separate meetings for some of our children. Families have received notification to make a meeting for Monday 26th February or Tuesday 6th March. It is not necessary to attend an interview on Thursday 22nd February if you have a PSG meeting. To book an interview, go to and enter the code rws3s3

Monday School Photos
A reminder that school photos will take place this Monday 19th February. Children will need to be in full summer uniform and ensure they have their hair tied back with navy hair ties. JoJo bows won't be able to be worn for the school photos.

Enrolments 2019
I am meeting with existing families (who would like a chance to meet or enrolment forms are available from the office) and new families for enrolments for 2019 commencing on Monday 19th February. Please email principal@spmurrumbeena for an appointment.

Important Dates
Monday 19th Feb            School photo day NO ASSEMBLY on photo day
Thursday 22nd Feb         Parent/teacher interviews commence @ 1.30pm
Wednesday 28th              Parent Sacramental Night @ 7pm Years 3 & 6
Monday 12th March       Labour Day Holiday
Monday 19th March       Years 5/6 depart to Canberra 
Tuesday 26th March       Term 1 concludes for students. Dismissal @ 3.30pm
Wednesday 27th Mar      School closure day due to staff conference
Thursday 28th Mar         School closure day due to staff conference

Community Notices

St Patrick's has registered for the latest Coles Sports for Schools.  We would appreciate your (your neighbors, grandparents etc) shopping vouchers.  These can be dropped into the box in the school office.


All staff, students and their families are eligible for a discount at Cabrini Hospital's Emergency department as St Patrick's has registered to be part of this offer.  

Friday, 9 February 2018

Week 2 Term 1 2018

Year of the Youth 2018
The Year of Youth for 2018 as announced by Pope Francis, invites the Church to nurture the physical, emotional and spiritual well being of young people. As explained in this short and inspiring video...."the world promises us comfort but we were not made for comfort, we were made for greatness ". How can each of us bring joy and hope to our children,families, friends and those less fortunate than us ?
One way for us to bring joy and hope to those around us, is to have an inner strength and belief in ourselves. A few years ago, I participated in the "Best Lent Ever" free online programme. It is a 5 minute a day video reflection on helping us to become the best version of ourselves during Lent. Lent is the 40 days leading to Easter and it begins this Wednesday, Ash Wednesday. You can sign up for the "Best Lent Ever" programme at this link. Taking a little time each day to focus on our spiritual well being, enables us to develop an inner strength to be the best version of ourselves for our children, family and friends.

Connection Event Monday 12th February 7:00-8:00pm
( Please note: 6:30 Start Prep parents - Literacy support, Gr 5/6’s Camp)
All parents and carers are invited to this important event in our school hall on Monday night. This is a perfect opportunity to meet all of our staff and to learn how you can support your children with learning for 2018. Take the time to show your support for your children and their learning.

The plan for the evening will be as follows:

7:00 pm - Welcome, learn how to access & use the updated St Pat's Learning Community Site, masterplan progress and curriculum snapshot with Jenny & Liz

7:10 pm - Staff and new leadership team introductions

7:20pm - P&F and Board news

7:30 pm - Move from the hall to classrooms to meet with teachers. Teachers will share expectations around learning and follow up important points from their term newsletters. Specialist teachers will be available in the hall.

7:50 pm -Conclude

Playground Upgrade
The children enjoyed watching the tradesman replace some of the worn playground equipment with new parts. The playground will be available to use again on Monday once the concrete has set around the poles.

Masterplan Parent Workshop feedback
A big thank you to the parents who participated in the masterplan workshop this week. The groups shared their thoughts and ideas with the architects in readiness for the early masterplan designs. Following on from this workshop, the masterplan executive will meet with the architects for further workshops in preparation for a masterplan that meets our unique needs at St Patrick's. We will keep you informed of the progress. Over the next few days, surveyors will be out and about around the school, measuring the land and buildings in readiness for the masterplan designs.

Dates for Term 1
IMPORTANT: This year our two staff closure days normally at the end of February will take place at the end of the term. This means school for the children will finish on Tuesday 27th March. The teachers will be participating in the "Schools that Deliver" professional development on Wednesday 28th and Thursday 29th March. You can learn more about this professional learning at this link.

School Photo Day
Our school photographer will be at school on Monday 19th Feb.  You should have all received the order forms which were sent home yesterday.  If you would like your children to have a sibling photograph together, please collect the order form from the office.  All order forms will be collected from the students by the photographers on the day. Please note that orders can also be placed online. (If you are using the online order option please let your children know that you have done this because some get a little worried.)

Icy poles
Icy poles are back this term on Thursdays.  Still only 50cents.

Shrove Tuesday - Pancake Day
The students will be enjoying pancakes on Tuesday 13th February thanks to the P & F and our grade 2 parents.  Please ensure that if your child suffers from any applicable food allergies, that you complete the pink form sent home this week, and return it to the office ASAP.

Pizza Nights
The first of the P & F Pizza nights is scheduled for Friday 23rd February.  The families of all PREP families are invited along but please complete the form that was also sent home earlier this week so that we know how many to cater for.  Thank you.


Friday, 2 February 2018

Week 1 Term 1 2018

Welcome back to all of our children and families for the 2018 school year. Everyone is well rested and ready to live out our school vision to be engaged and motivated learners always faithful to our loving God.

Beginning of the Year Mass Friday 9th Feb at 9:30am
It was lovely to have Fr Paul welcome back the children this morning with a special blessing and a prayer. Fr Paul spoke about the the 3 L's - Listening, Learning and Love. All of these contribute to filling our hearts with joy. We look forward to a joy filled year with our children and families for 2018.
All parents are welcome to join us for mass on Friday 9th February at 9:30am.
1M's Joy Mural
Invitation to come to Masterplan Visioning workshop 7:00-8:00pm Tuesday 8th Feb
The parent visioning workshop will take place this Tuesday 6th February, 2018 at 7pm.  We invite as many parents as possible to come along and contribute to the future development of our school. If you have ideas or concerns, eg. Kiss and Drop, parking, playground, buildings etc then come along and have your say.
To help gauge numbers attending for our architects Please complete the RSVP at this link or email ideas and suggestions to

New furniture in 5M
5M and 1W have been chosen to be our two pilot classrooms for our flexible furniture. 5M's furniture arrived in the holidays and the children are very excited to be able to trial it. This was chosen in response to feedback from the students around flexible furniture options.
Here are some responses from the students about the furniture.

Pilot Classroom 5M Feedback:
Sienna - I like how the chairs rock.
Catia - I feel like I can concentrate more on work because I can lean and move with the chair.
Mae - I like that we can stand up to work if we want to.
Maya - I like how we can write down ideas on the whiteboard table.
Alice - It’s more comfortable than the old classroom tables.
Ella - I like that the back of the chair moves.
Mimi - It’s comfortable, relaxing and flexible for schoolwork.
Terrence - I like how the chairs have designs on them.
Tom W - I like that we can move tables throughout the day and sit next to different people.
Lucas - I like how the chairs are flexible and not stiff.
Ivy - I like that we have a high table to do work on.
Brigid - I like how we get to move around instead of being stuck in the same spot.
Lara - I think the chairs are perfect for silent reading because we can move back and forth.
James - I like that we have comfortable stools and benches to sit on.
Aidan - I like how the tables are smooth and clean.
Lochie - I like how the tables are up high and we have stools.
Fergus - I am really excited that 5M were picked to be the pilot classroom and trial the furniture.
Tom - I like how we can move around more in the classroom.
Abi - I like that the chair moulds with your body.
Fred - The round tables are great for group work and working as a team.
Craig - I like how easy the chairs are to put up. We just have to slide them.
Jack - I like how we can write on the whiteboard table.

Our Monday morning assemblies will resume this Monday 5th Feb at 9am. All parents and carers are welcome to join us for our assemblies.

Connection Event Monday 12th Feb 7:00-8:00pm
All parents are encouraged to come and join us in the school hall on Monday 12th February. It is an opportunity to meet all staff and learn about teaching and learning goals and expectations for 2018 with class teachers.
Please note that the Connection Event will be preceded at 6:30pm by a Prep Information session about reading facilitated by our DP Liz Hills in Room 1 (Prep Y).

Thank you
Thanks to the P & F and Grade 1' s for supplying the welcome morning tea for our Prep parents yesterday. Our preps have got off to a great start and have made a wonderful transition to school. 
Thanks from our staff who enjoyed some of the left overs for their morning tea too !

Nut products at school
We have had some queries regarding our nut-free policy. St Patrick's is not a "nut-free" school. We operate under the advice and guidance of DEECD and ASCIA and The Royal Children's Hospital who advise that primary schools (unlike childcare centres and kinders) should not promote themselves as being nut-free. 
It is their contention that this can lead to a false 'sense of security' for children with allergies, when in fact they should be ever vigilant of their environment and particularly their food intake.
As a risk minimisation we undertake the following:
* we suggest that parents try to avoid sending nut products to school, 
* we discourage food sharing
* we ask parents to complete asthma and anaphylaxis manangement plans and keep them up to date
* we store and manage epipens
* all staff are trained in Level 2 first Aid and Anaphylaxis Management.

Email protocols
Our staff are more than happy to receive email communication from parents. From a pastoral perspective for the well being of our staff, they will respond to parent emails between 8am and 6pm during week days.

Thank You
A special thank you to the children and families who gave me beautiful cards and gifts at the end of the year. I feel very spoilt and blessed to be part of such a thoughtful and generous school community. I look forward to continuing to get to know you all further this year.

Jenny Hawkins

It’s off to a quick start with sporting events in 2018! Children in Years 4-6 are invited to attend swimming trials (Wednesday 7th February at GESAC, 7.15am- 8.30am) for the upcoming Dendy Swimming Carnival. Permission forms, along with the Dendy Code of Conduct have been sent home- please read through these and return asap.

During the year there are many occasions when we will request the assistance of parent helpers with activities. These activities may include: inter-school sports events, school excursions, classroom helpers,cooking,etc.
In line with our Child Safe Policy, St Patrick’s requires that any parents who wish to help in this capacity must have a current Working With Children Check. A copy must be sent to the school office and may also be required when you sign in at the office. WWCCs can be applied for online at and are free for volunteers.

We strongly urge ALL parents to apply for a WWCC, and to advise the office.

Special thanks to Fil Cricri & Tina Stavrinidis for their management of the the Secondhand Uniform over the past couple of years.  The baton has now been passed to Kellie Heathcote who has kindly volunteered to run the Secondhand Uniform Shop.Thank you Kellie.
The shop (in the corridor outside the school hall) will reopen on Tuesdays from  6th Feb between 3pm & 3.30pm.

Lunch orders have recommenced and we welcome 3 Little Bakers Murrumbeena to our school community.  Please see FLEXIBUZZ for the lunch order menu.

Monday, 18 December 2017

Final News: Term 4, 2017

Advent and Christmas
Often anticipating an event can bring as much joy as the event itself. So it is with the season of Advent. We know that the Son of God was born once long ago. And we prepare once again to celebrate the event with rejoicing.

Carol Night
Special thanks to Anne Mullan and our Carol team for coordinating a very special night of singing on Wednesday. Despite the very warm weather, the children did a wonderful job of sharing the message of Christmas with us all. Thank you to all of our families who supported the evening. More photos are available on our school Facebook page: St Patrick's Murrumbeena, Inspiring Catholic Leaders of the Future.

Thank You
A HUGE thank you to all of our parents who dedicated their time to our school during 2017. In particular, Susie Frost who has led our Parents and Friends committee and Travis Westcott our Parish Education Board. Thanks to every parent who has helped with school excursions, sports events, fundraisers, the fete and P& F activities. Special thanks to Phil and Tina who are finishing up from the second hand uniform shop and Danny for all of his work coordinating the working bees this year.
We also thank all of our families who are leaving our community and wish them well.

A very HUGE thanks to our St Pat's staff, including Sandra and Deb in the office, our teachers, leadership team and learning support officers. Together we are a great team and believe we have made a positive difference to the lives of your children.

On behalf of our team, we wish you a very Happy Christmas and blessings for a joyous 2018.


The teachers have worked hard preparing the children's end of year school reports. I have had an opportunity to read all of the reports and the outstanding achievements of every child at St Pat's. Our Year 6 reports in particular, highlight the all rounded excellent education that the children have had during their time at St Pat's. The opportunities for all children are immense and I especially thank our staff for the quality learning and teaching that they have provided.
The end of year reports have included an attendance notice this year. There is a letter of explanation with the reports and a link to a report feedback survey. Here is the online link to the survey.

Staff News
I am pleased to announce our new classroom teacher for Year 3 is Sarah Nolan. Fortunately Sarah has worked for us before in a CRT role and we know what a great teacher she is. Sarah is an experienced primary school teacher who also holds a Diploma in Psychology. We are looking forward to Sarah teaching in 3N and working alongside Nicole O'Halloran in 3O. Ms Nolan joined the children for the final transition session on Friday.

We warmly welcome Tia Croce as a new Learning Support Officer (LSO), to join our wonderful LSO team: Nayrie Haladjian, Noreen McCoy and Deb Wrigley. Tia has been in 1W for work experience this year and has graduated with a Certificate in Education Support from the Australian Catholic University.

Masterplan News - Our journey begins...
A team of architects and designers from K2LD met with our Student Representative Council (SRC) for the first masterplan visioning workshop on Thursday. It is apt that our students are the first to  contribute their ideas to the vision for the future of our school buildings and grounds. You can read all about the process, see more photos and videos at this link.
The parent visioning workshop will take place on Tuesday 6th February, 2018 at 7pm. Please mark this date in your diary.  We invite as many parents as possible to come along and contribute to the future development of our school. If you have ideas or concerns, eg. Kiss and Drop, parking etc then come along and have your say.

Thank you from the Staff
Special thanks to our Year 4 families for the delicious morning tea the staff shared this morning.

End of Year celebrations, Final Assembly and Break Up
On Tuesday 19th December, all of the children will need to wear their sports uniform. They will be walking to Packer Park during the day and joining in with the team from Proactivity Health for a fun School Sports Incursion. The children will need to wear sunscreen and have their hat and a water bottle. The P& F are kindly providing sausages for lunch. Please provide your child's lunch if they will not be able to eat sausages.

The final assembly will take place at 12pm on Wednesday and school will finish at 1pm. 

Health message for us all
Here is a message from our students - Kate, Ella and Mimi. This is an outcome of an enrichment group activity with Mrs Oliver.
Important Term 1 Dates for 2018      
(Reminder that Preps will not come to school on Wednesdays in February.)

Tues 30th Jan -    Staff return

Wed 31st Jan -    Years 1-6 students return
Thurs 1st Feb -    Prep students commence
Tuesday 6th Feb - Parent Workshop for School Masterplan
Mon 12th Feb -   Parent Connection evening
Mon 19th Feb -   School Photo Day
Wed 21st Feb -    Parish Education Board meeting 7pm
Wed 28th Feb -    Parent Sacramental Family Night for Years 3 & 6
Wed  7th Mar -    Preps commence Wednesdays
Mon 18th Mar-   Year 5/6 Camp to Canberra  - Thursday 22nd  Mar
Wed 28th Mar -  School Closure Day
Thurs 29th Mar  School Closure Day 
Fri 30th Mar -     Good Friday

Thursday, 7 December 2017

Week 9, Term 4, 2017

St Patrick’s Community Christmas Carols

The gentle strains of ‘Silent night, Holy night’ fill the air and our hearts. The Christmas season is upon us!
At 6pm on Wednesday the 13th of December the St.Patrick’s community will gather to recount the story of Jesus’ birth and sing along to some new and traditional Christmas carols. All children are expected to participate as this is a whole school celebration. Please notify if your child is unable to attend.

 At St Patrick’s we have a tradition of donating gifts at Christmas to charitable organisations. This year we are supporting a local Melbourne group, the Holy Spirit of Freedom community, which works with the homeless and street kids in the CBD of Melbourne.
Suggestions of gifts that will best meet the needs of this group at Christmas time: Small Christmas cake, 2 packets of Tim Tams, 2 Packets of diabetic lollies, Small bottles of shampoo and conditioner, Small boxes of chocolates, Men’s deodorant, Ladies deodorant
Men’s socks, Tinned ham, Fruit mince pies, Sports socks, Ladies handkerchiefs, Men’s handkerchiefs, Tin of biscuits, Packet of lollies
The gifts do not need to be wrapped, however, if you wish to wrap your gift could you please label what is inside. Please bring the gifts on the night of the Carols and place them under the Christmas tree.
The children are asked to arrive and be seated with their class by 5.45pm to ensure our Carols night can begin promptly at 6pm. All audience members are reminded to BYO a chair or blanket and enjoy the event in comfort. Everyone is encouraged to wear a touch of Christmas to create a truly Christmassy atmosphere!
In support of the children, please bring family and friends along to attend this wonderful occasion to celebrate the birth of Christ.

Staff News for 2018

We will sadly be farewelling Brigid Little and Cathy Landsdowne at the end of this year. Congratulations to Brigid on her appointment as Project Officer for the Disaster and Resilience Education Network. After ten years here, Cathy is taking on a new teaching position at St Patrick's in Mentone. We congratulate them both on their new roles and thank them for their service to our school. As a result, there will be some changes to the nominated class teachers for our children for 2018. I wish to thank our teaching team for their flexibility and willingness to accomodate our children's needs with the changes.

Special thanks to the very experienced team of Marg O' Dwyer and Kerryn Oliver who will take over Brigid's Year 6 class for 2018. The planned 6L class will now be known as 6O. Marg and Kerryn will continue to work closely with Matt Hale and 6H for 2018.

We will be appointing a new full time teacher to 3L and will inform the children and parents as soon as the appointment is made.

Here are the revised class teachers for 2018:

6H Matt Hale
6O Marg O'Dwyer, Kerryn Oliver
5M Lisa Maraschiello
5 J Paul Jones
4W Fiona Walsh, Bern Gallagher
4V Wendy Verstoep, Bec Maddocks
4P Clare Petrovich, Maria Lucas
3O Nicole O'Halloran
3L New teacher to be appointed
2T Paige Tomlins
2M Ange Mason, Bern Gallagher
1M Anne Mullan, Jacinta Minter
1W Kim Whitfield
Prep C Helen Curry, Maria Blair-Smith
Prep Y Angela Yates, Katherine Hadaway

We will also be farewelling Jill Hannan who has been teaching in a part time role at St Patrick's for seven years, Gayle Butler a dedicated Learning Support Officer (LSO) for 11 years who is retiring and Lisa Younger who joined us this year in the LSO role and is returning to Sydney. We thank these staff members for their dedication and commitment to our school community and wish them all well in the future.

Our specialist teaching program PE ( Michelle Barclay), Music (Marg O'Dwyer), Library (Bernadette Wood) and Italian (Veronica Sciulli) will continue in 2018 with the addition of E-learning (Bec Maddocks) as a specialist subject to further support the requirements of the Victorian Digital Curriculum.

Report of the Youth Leadership Graduation Night on 28th November 2017

Congratulations to all the students who graduated from the Advanced Presentation Skills Youth Leadership Course on Tuesday 28th November.   All students impressed their teachers and families with a very high standard of Prepared Speeches, Off the Cuff Speeches and evaluations.  Students who delivered Audio Visual presentations handled them in a very mature manner with excellent timing of their slides.

45 students were awarded their certificates of completion. Trophies were awarded to:


Best Speech

Maggie Anderson

Nikolas Popovic
Best Off the Cuff Speaker

Christian Saito

Emily Tippett

Best Evaluator

Jessica Newman

Damian Middleton

Most Improved

Mackenzie Pickering

Daniela Pino

Special thanks to the Masters of Ceremonies, Matt Rosas and Ainsley Joy for their fine efforts. The Off the Cuff Presenters, Jessica Newman and Lana Cannatello were well prepared with excellent questions and superb control of their respective audiences.

Thank you to all the students who participated in the Entertainment Segments including two dance pieces from 5M “Stronger”and “What makes you Beautiful,” joke tellers and we also learnt the 15 Happiest Facts in the World!

A very big thank you to Miss Maraschiello and Mr Jones who encouraged and supported the students work and helped make the evening a success – The Principal, Ms Hawkins and two parents (Mr Tesoriero and Mr Brooks) also responded to “Off the Cuff” questions.  Thank you for participating.  Thank you to Mrs Wood and Miss Karen not only for attending but for helping on the judging panel.  The standard of work seems to be getting better each year, making it very difficult to select the recipients for the trophies.

The team efforts of the students and teachers alike were much appreciated. I have enjoyed witnessing an incredible level of camaraderie and support between all the students, as I did with the grade six students.  I believe your support and positive comments to each other aided in the increase in confidence and improvement in the standard of work and I certainly hope the school can maintain this culture for many years to come.

Thank you all for your dedication in becoming confident, vibrant and at times humorous young presenters.  I’d like to finish by saying how impressed I was with the enthusiasm of all the students.  Not only was the work standard incredibly high, but your manners and level of maturity was very evident.  Well done grade five !

Sandra de Geest


The 2018 St Pats Dads Golf Day has been booked.

Next year our talent will be on display at the Flinders Golf Club in Flinders. Great course, lunch spot ideal and guaranteed cold beer. What could go wrong!!

The day will consist of a similar agenda to this year that included 4 ball Ambrose, lunch, bus to the course and back, prizes and drinks. 2 full size buses have been booked to accommodate 80 spots that have been booked. First in will secure the positions.

Date: Friday 23rd March 2018
Course: Flinders Golf Course
Cost: $160
If you would like to be part of the fun please send an email to Andrew Pickering to book your spot.


Mon 11th December     Music Concerts by Prep Y, 1M, 3O & 3W @ 2.05pm
                                                                    by Prep C, 1W & 3L @ 2.50pm
Wed 13th December     Carols Night 6-7 pm

Thu 14th December     Music Melodies Concert 9-11 am
Mon18th December     Year 6 Graduation
Wed 20th December     Last day for 2017.  End of the Year Mass @ 9 am, Assembly @ 12 pm
Children dismissed @1pm

School resumes in 2018 as follows:
Tues  30th January        Staff return
Wed   31st January        Students year 1 -6 return
Thurs 1st February       Preps commence

Thursday, 30 November 2017

Week 8, Term 4 2017

This Sunday, we come to the beginning of Advent and the Church’s new liturgical year. In Advent we remember Jesus Christ, who has been born into human life, and look to the future when God’s Kingdom will come. We look forward to celebrating the coming of Christ at Christmas, while we know that Christ has already been born. We can live in this paradox, because we know that Christ continues to be born in us. Each time we let go of those parts of ourselves that are not life-giving or loving, and choose the God of life and love, Christ is born again in us and we are born again in Christ.

It is always hard to hold to the invitation and challenge of Advent in all the busyness of the end of the school year and the preparations for Christmas and the holidays. But somewhere in the midst of the busyness we are called to find space to make the choice anew for love and life and open our hearts to the God who waits to be born there.
(Taken from Catholic Education Melbourne Director's e-News, November 2017)

Catholic Education Today

The Term 4 edition of Catholic Education Today will arrive in schools in the next few weeks.
This edition features an article on Advent, an explanation of the Year of Youth, a discussion on opportunities for learning in the use of digital technologies, a reflection on the role of parents as mapmakers, and the usual features of Educators in Profile and Around the Archdiocese.

School fees and funding for 2018.
Please take the time to read the important letter from Father Paul on Flexibuzz regarding school fees for 2018. You can read more information in the Parish Education Board letter below.

Youth Leadership Programme
Congratulations to all of our Year 5's who graduated from the Public Speaking Programme this week. All of the children were outstanding. Special thanks to Sandra De Geest who ran the 5 week programme. The speech skills are skills for life.

POPE Meeting Cultural Consultation
You can read the minutes from the meeting at this link.

Get off the screen and into the green
Two of our young Year 4 leaders have a special message for us all.

Our names are Ivy and Mackenzie and we’re in Grade Four.
We are doing a project about Healthy Habits that we’d like to share with you.

We love being outdoors in nature and we’d like to encourage you to get amongst it too.
Three years ago an important study found that most Australians spend almost 24 hours a week online, plugged in, looking at a screen.
That’s one whole day a week. Then last year a report found we spend about 10 hours a day plugged in.
We think that’s crazy, 10 hours each day you're not moving, talking and enjoying a healthy lifestyle.

Being outdoors can be active or relaxing. It is also good for our bodies and minds.
It helps us to concentrate, learn, solve problems and be creative.
The air is fresh and the plants and bugs are so interesting.
The garden has many different smells and the sounds of nature are always changing.
We love bike riding, trampolining, gardening, exploring, climbing trees and just hanging out

Check out our video HERE:

Spread the word!
From Mackenzie and Ivy
A letter from Parish Education Board

Dear School Community,
As the year draws to close on another successful year at St Patrick's Primary School, the Parish Education Board, has recently discussed the school finances, which also includes the review and setting of school fees for 2018.
As you may be aware the Federal Government announced in its 2017 budget, that the government intended to change the funding of schools, which also includes the Catholic Education system.  There has been media reports about how this may impact Catholic Schools, however, no definitive funding changes have advised to the Catholic Education Office or St Patrick's at this time.
So what does this mean for the fees at St Patrick's?
The board has been following a strategy over the past few years to provide a steady and measured approach to fee changes, to ensure that the quality education provided at St Patrick's Primary is affordable for our families.  The Board, after lengthy discussion, has passed a resolution to increase the fees by $200 per family.
We understand that any change in fees has an impact on the family budget, therefore we have tried to keep the increase to a minimum.
Over the past few years the school has operated a refundable “working bee levy” of $150 per family, Following a recommendation by the school accountant, and to reduce the significant administration required, the Board has approved the change of the “working bee levy”, to the “Building Maintenance levy”.  The fee will be reduced to $75 per family and will be non-refundable. 
Master Plan
We are excited to announce the appointment of K2LD architects to begin work on the St Patrick's Parish School Master Plan.  We look forward to several workshops run by K2LD with Teachers, Students, Parents and Parish to gather ideas, concerns and successes about the buildings, grounds and their operations, to form these into a Master Plan that suits our school and community now and into the future.  Exciting times!
This involves:
1.       Developing a snapshot of the school building and grounds;
2.       Advising the school on what is required to maintain the standard of the current buildings;
3.       Developing a staged plan for what the school might do in the future, to further improve the learning environment;
4.       Enabling funding and grants to be accessed at the appropriate times.
The Board wishes you and your families a safe and wonderful Christmas.  To those families and the grade 6’s who are leaving us this year we wish you well in years ahead.


Travis Westcott

Chairman,  On behalf of the Parish Education Board.

Here is a link to a new police site that has resources for helping to keep children safe online


The 2018 St Pats Dads Golf Day has been booked.

Next year our talent will be on display at the Flinders Golf Club in Flinders. Great course, lunch spot ideal and guaranteed cold beer. What could go wrong!!

The day will consist of a similar agenda to this year that included 4 ball Ambrose, lunch, bus to the course and back, prizes and drinks. 2 full size buses have been booked to accommodate 80 spots that have been booked. First in will secure the positions.

Date: Friday 23rd March 2018
Course: Flinders Golf Course
Cost: $160
If you would like to be part of the fun please send an email to Andrew Pickering to book your spot.


Mon 4th December       5/6 Sailing program
Wed 6th December       Buddy afternoon 2:30 pm (Year 5s and new preps)
Fri 8th December          5/6 Beach program
Wed 13th December     Carols Night 6-7 pm
Thu 14th December     Music Melodies Concert 9-11 am
Wed 18th December     Year 6 Graduation
Wed 20th December     Last day for 2017.  End of the Year Mass @ 9 am, Assembly @ 12 pm
Children dismissed @1pm